10 Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC or Laptop

First of all, let’s discuss about iOS Emulators. iOS Emulators plays a significant role when it comes to run iOS application on your PC, windows system without any requirement of expensive iPhone.

Frankly speaking iOS Emulators are very crucial as transmission of data becomes very tough with iOS application because iOS apps cannot operate simultaneously with windows.

There’s no doubt that Apple app Store has has a giant collection of iOS application and games, but what if a person is not able to afford an iPhone or an iPad. One more thing to introduce here is that iPhone or iPad are especially designed for operating iOS device.

iPhone emulator work simultaneously with windows system for installation and running of any iOS apps and games . Therefore , running and operating iOS apps on windows can be made simpler. Thus we can say that by using best iOS simulators, debugging of apps can be done by testing and running variable app.

Top iOS Emulators for Windows PCs

Best iOS emulator can be proved to be indeed best when it can be able to operate and run iOS apps on windows system without any iPhone and iPad.

The best iOS emulator are developed with the motive of arming developers for testing app and likewise other programs. It can also be defined as virtual interface that continuous the application operations which are owned by the operating system and helps to function them appropriately.

iOS Emulators for Windows PC

Now , we are providing you a list of best iOS emulators for windows PC ( all versions 7/8/10) which work efficiently with recognised and specialized features to get optimum benefits out of the.



Due to limitations of cross platform technology and restrictions from Apple, SMARTFACE has been developed that supports iOS operations on windows. SMARTFACE allows to emulate your iOS application on windows on a single click which enhances flexibility, efficiency, mobility and reduces failure, cost and time. It can be ensured that by using SMARTFACE as iOS emulator applications in action can be viewed within few seconds.

Availability of library of JavaScript and a solitary JavaScript codebase has increased the capability of SMARTFACE for debugging which in turns leads to flexibility and creation of new application.

Download Link: Click Here.



MOBIONE studio is a simple iOS emulator as it can be easily build native iOS app and also it is very mobile and portable. It is a powerful tool to create apps that requires very little to no coding skills. It operates for creating cross platform mobile apps for iOS system on windows PC. MOBIONE studio can be used to serve multiple tasks like sharing apps, displaying notifications on system, download app, installation of files, interfacing your apps to operate on iPhone and iPad and many more.

It also helps to play iOS games on windows PC . It gives the most realistic ways to actually use those devices. It hay already marked itself as leading emulator for app design.

Download Link: Click Here.



IPADIAN EMULATOR is a kind of emulator that increases the interfacing of an iPad with your windows PC. It provides an opportunity to make your windows PC on the realism of iPad’s impressive interface. IPADIAN EMULATOR doesn’t provide permission to operate iOS app Store .

It only provides access to apps which are developed only of IPADIAN EMULATOR. It can be available in paid as well as for free of cost version. It lets you download apps effortlessly without any hustle or bustle.

Download Link: Click Here.



APPETIZE IO is a lightweight, faster, native iOS emulator which can be used to surf internet along with multiple errands.it gives realistic experience of iPhone.

It is fully featured emulator which is recommended for testing, running apps . This emulator is free for first 100 minutes every month and after that charges are applied which are also very affordable and convenient.

Download Link: Click Here.



It is a member of framework of Adobe AIR. This emulator can be used for easily installing and downloading without much technical requirements. It is very easy and comfortable to use.

The only requirement is that the emulator must be running of cross platform and AIR framework. This emulator provide GUI of iPhone and it can run iOS app directly on it .

Download Link: Click Here.



Imame have resources which are light flexible softwares. IMAME is preferred mostly to play games on your windows PC. IMAME is barely used for iOS experience.

Though it may have some drawbacks but still it is one of the most preferred emulators for installation and downloading of gaming app on windows PC.

Download Link: Click Here.



App.Io emulator is also one of the best iOS emulator for windows PC.

It is very easy to use and navigate which is its biggest advantage and the only disadvantage it has is it is bit slow to access or upload files which may go upto 30 mins .it comes with 7 days of free trial version as well as you can upgrade it with cheap and affordable plans.

Download Link: Click Here.



IPAD SIMULATORS is a virtual clone of iPad which can be used as an iOS emulator for windows PC. IPAD SIMULATORS is an extension of Google Chrome browser.

The main advantage of using iPad simulators is you can get Apple features with iPad simulator like Siri without having to pay anything extra, another advantage which comes with it is it allows you to drag and drop files and documents on iOS application from pc to iPad simulator.

Download Link: Click Here.



XAMARIN TESTFLIGHT is well known for providing advance support. It is very easy to use, compatible and user-friendly UI. The advantage of using this emulator is that It is very easy to download and install . You can test the application based on iOS 8.0 or above. Apple corporation has recently tied up and bought this emulator.

XAMARIN TESTFLIGHT is one of the most popular iOS emulator for windows PC.

Download Link: Click Here.



It is one of the best and widely regarded as the greatest ever emulator developed till date . It works wonders for someone who is more attracted or concerned about gaming.

It has the best reviews worldwide even from the iOS users. The advantage of using Nintendo lets you enjoy 3d games on windows PC.

Download Link: Click Here.


So, this our list of the top emulators to run iOS apps on your Windows PC. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.

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